Our process requires three main steps from the starting surface to the finished installation. Unlike traditional, stone-based methods, the process involving our panel system doesn’t require lengthy excavation or base preparation, and is much quicker from start to finish. To begin fitting the panel system, the only requirement of the base is that it is smooth and flat.


Base requirement

Whether you have an existing grass, concrete or soil surface, preparation is kept to a minimum for our panel system. For soil or grass surfaces, typically the very top layer of material is removed. Any gaps are filled with a small amount of stone dust or coarse grit sand to create a fully flat and smooth base.

A heavy-duty geotextile is used to cover the whole base area evenly. This provides a stabilising layer between the base and panel, and allows for water flow control and shock absorption when the project installation is complete.


Panel fitting

The innovative plastic panel system is fitted together to create a solid structural base for the turf. We do this using an over and under locking tooth system which creates perfect alignment from panel to panel and ensures a flat surface. They are installed in perfectly straight rows in all directions, and no hammering or kicking into place is required; they simply slot together.

In order to allow for changing in weather, each panel has a built-in expansion joint larger than the amount of expansion which occurs, allowing for natural expansion when they heat up during summer months or when in regular use. Find out more about panel types here.


Synthetic turf fitting

Any debris that has blown onto the fitted panels is removed. The chosen turf is carefully cut and laid to fit the individual design and area. To fix it to the base, we use stainless steel staples or tacks, which keeps the turf securely in place for the full warranty period. If the design requires any lines or special features (e.g. emblem), this is cut out from alternative coloured turf and fitted into the design. We never use paint to create lines or features.

Once fitting is complete, a small stabilising layer of sand is brushed in, which further holds the turf in place.

Find out more about our turf types here.

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