The truly versatile pitch solution
for schools

What is MultiGame?
Multigame from Playpitch is a multi-use games area that makes year-round outdoor play a possibility. A Multigame pitch is safe for play in all-weather conditions and is available in a variety of sizes and designs, depending on purpose and budget. 

Why do we need a Multigame pitch?
A Multigame pitch can make a huge difference to a child’s life, by creating a stimulating play area for them to enjoy at school, and improving the quality and quantity of sporting opportunity the school can offer. 

Multigame requires only one annual maintenance procedure.



A unique approach

Because our MultiGame installations aren’t technically permanent fixtures, the cost can be covered with a loan from a leasing advisor with experience in the education sector. We can manage this relationship for you and funding could be secured in as little as five days.

After you’ve secured funding and planning approval for a multi-use games area, we can complete the installation process in less than
two weeks.

As multi-game is a semi-permanent fixture, the multi-game area could be moved if required in the future, without the loss of the initial capital investment.

"It is hard to put into words the impact the playground improvements have made to our school community. The looks on the children’s faces as they arrived at school after the summer holidays was priceless."

Mrs Heather Lacey, Headteacher at Shirley Manor

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Base Requirement

Whether you have an existing grass, concrete or soil surface, preparation is kept to a minimum for our panel system. A small amount of stone dust or coarse grit sand will be used to create a smooth base, and a heavy-duty geotextile is used to cover the whole area.

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The innovative plastic panel system is fitted together to create a solid structural base for the turf.

Synthetic turf fitting

The chosen turf is cut and laid to fit the individual design and area. Lines are created using different coloured turf and the stabilising layer of sand is brushed in.


Less waste, less cost

Compared to a typical base construction, our panel system uses 20 x eight-wheeled lorries less material, equivalent to 398 tons, meaning there’s less wastage and a reduced impact on the surrounding infrastructure. The panels are made from recycled plastic and can even be removed and reused elsewhere if required, contributing to a reduced carbon footprint.

"We can already see the renewed energy and enthusiasm this facility has given our students for sport. This gives us greater opportunity and flexibility in the way we deliver the PE curriculum to our students."

Mr Anthony Gollings, Director of Finance & Support Services at St Thomas More RC Academy