Synthetic turf has been used pitch-side by top clubs for a long time now. Compared to natural turf, it's incredibly durable, and can easily withstand the high footfall of high traffic areas. Technical areas are one of the more highly used parts on a football pitch; situated at the edge of the pitch, they are often in the shadow of a stand - a location where natural turf struggles even in the most favourable of growing conditions.


In the past, synthetic turf has been an expensive and time consuming solution, requiring the area to be excavated to a depth of 100mm and filling it with crushed stone, all before the synthetic carpet can installed on top. To make it more cost effective, less stone is used, and the process is often rushed. The result is initially ok but often becomes uneven after a few months.

Being so easy to install makes the panels easy to remove. Any major pitch renovations can proceed unimpeded by removing the synthetic turf and simply lifting the panels.

Turf, panels, geotextile and an installation guide are all supplied as part of our DIY Technical Area Kit. We appreciate there are subtle differences between football grounds, so each kit is custom made to fit your requirements.


We have a new alternative to the traditional stone base, in the form of a panel. Made from 80% recycled plastic, the new panel eliminates the need for a deep excavation and can be installed very quickly. 

The natural sod is stripped to a depth of 30mm and removed. A very thin layer of stone dust or sharp sand is then spread over the area, levelled, and compacted with a vibrating plate. The area is then covered with a heavy duty non-woven geotextile, which acts as both a weed barrier and a stabilisation layer between the panels and the natural ground beneath. The synthetic grass is fitted, and secured in place with stainless steel staples or tacks. A small quantity of sand can also be applied to further hold the turf in place. 

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