A new way to experience golf

What is PlayPitch Golf?

From putting greens and tee lines to driving range targets, bunkers and mini-golf courses, the high-quality synthetic turf we install has an incredibly realistic play-ability, without the need for regular maintenance.

Why should we invest in a PlayPitch Golf solution?

The high standard of installation and quality of synthetic turf allows players to enjoy the sport all year-round, without fear of damaging the surface or playing characteristics. The increase in durability in comparison with natural turf allows a higher intensity of use meaning the course is less likely to be closed due to adverse weather or poor play-ability..


Bunkers designed
to last

Revolutionary bunker edge system, Durabunker, uses recycled synthetic football and hockey surfaces that have come to the end of their life as a playing surface. The system offers a stable and long-lasting bunker solution.

You’ll dramatically improve the appearance and durability of your bunkers, whilst significantly reducing the cost of maintenance.

We are an approved installer of this patented system.

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Designed for you

We start by listening to individual requirements about exactly what type of facility is needed. Accurate drawings are created so you can see your putting green ideas brought to life through design. How the green will play is also taken into consideration.

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An even base

A smooth, stable base is created using either recycled plastic panels or aggregate, carefully incorporating contours and modulations typically found on a natural grass putting green.

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Synthetic turf fitting

The artificial putting turf is installed with care and precision that will allow a golf ball to pass over without interruption or deviation, giving a true ‘real green’ feel.