Football pitch at home

Type of project: PlayPitch Football
Location: Alderly Edge, UK
Client: Private Individual

What we did: The client loves to watch and join in with his grandchildren as they play football in his garden. But as the children get older the games become more boisterous so the lawn and flower beds are suffering. Play Pitch looked at the possibility of creating a dedicated space to play football. The client wanted it to feel like a natural pitch and play like one too. The ideal location was a corner of an adjoining paddock close to the house. The client worried that the land had a little too much slope but the panel system was an ideal choice. It enabled us to remove the minimal amount of soil to create the ideal gradient. Only 14 tons of stone dust material was then used to level the area. A heavy-duty picket fence then helped to keep the ball out of the field next door.

Materials used: Ultrabase systems “Champion” panel with a 30mm non-fill synthetic turf. 2 installers took 6 days to complete the whole installation. With only minor finishing touches required to the base, the whole installation took just 2 days to complete.