Train like a professional

What is PlayPitch Football?

Whether it’s a technical area or full-size 3G sports pitch, synthetic turf and our unique panel base system can be used to create a durable and safe all-weather solution for training, playing and coaching.

Designed to replicate the playing characteristics of natural grass football fields, artificial playing surfaces are a low-maintenance, cost-effective alternative, offering a high volume of play.

Why should we get a PlayPitch Football pitch?

Using synthetic turf means less maintenance and therefore less cost. They allow a much higher facilities use, allowing you to enjoy the world’s most loved sport year-round.



technical areas

Technical areas are the most highly used area on a football pitch as people are constantly moving around within this defined, confined space. Synthetic turf, in combination with the panel base system, allows us to non-invasively, quickly and cost effectively create a flat, durable surface that won’t wear down and become ruined by the high level of footfall. constant use.


Which artificial grass is for me?

We offer three types of synthetic grass that can be used for
football pitches and technical areas. There all highly durable but vary in cost, playing characteristics and the amount of maintenance that is required.

25mm Non Infill Football Turf

  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor football pitches

  • Medium cost

  • The perfect choice for top play-ability with minimal maintenance.

15mm Multisport

  • Ideal for pitches that will be used for football as well as other sports.

  • Lower cost

  • Minimal maintenance

40mm 3G

  • Industry standard for play-ability, with sand and rubber infill.

  • Higher cost and installation time

  • Higher on going maintenance costs

Playpitch-3 step processes-Football.jpg

Minimal base preparation

We can work with soil, concrete or grass as a base. We use a small amount of stone dust or grit sand to prepare a flat, smooth base for the panels. A heavy-duty geotextile is laid down to create the start of a resilient playing surface.

Playpitch-3 step processes-Football1.jpg

Innovative panelling

The panel system slots together to create a strong base for the turf about to be laid. The plastic used is completely recycled.

Playpitch-3 step processes-Football2.jpg

Pitch to play

Synthetic turf is seamed and joined together to cover the entire pitch before coloured lines are carefully cut and glued into place. The turf is then stabilised with the appropriate level of infill.


Our environmental conscience

Did you know our installation uses 398 tons less material than a typical base construction for a 20m x 30m facility? That equates to 20 eight-wheeled lorries, thus reducing the impact on surrounding infrastructure. The system reduces carbon footprint as every panel is recycled plastic. It is incredibly free draining, allowing natural groundwater penetration.