PlayPitch at home: How synthetic turf can transform your back garden

Looking to transform your garden before the Easter holidays? Want to practice your favourite sport within the comforts of your own land?

There are lots of different options for turning an unused space in your home into an engaging, exciting area with high level playing characteristics, for people of any age to play, practice and improve their skills.

Whether it’s football, golf or a general play space to keep your children entertained when they’re off school you’re interested in, there’s a PlayPitch way to do it.

Here are a few of the options available for a PlayPitch project at home.

Football at home

We recently completed a project in Newcastle for a family of aspiring footballers. Instead of tearing up their existing lawn, we transformed an unused area of the garden into a high-quality, year-round synthetic football pitch. Using synthetic turf meant they could practice their penalties safely and without mess.

Enclosed by a natural wood rebound wall, this pitch could be used for more than just football; making year-round fun for the whole family possible - quite literally on their doorstep.

Using our unique panel system, a 24mm non-fill synthetic turf, and hand stitched lines, the whole installation of this pitch took just two days to complete and will require minimal maintenance to keep it in pristine condition.


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Golf in the garden

In common with many sports, the fine points and subtle skills of golf make the difference between a good day or a bad round on the course. Finding the time to practice and improve your skills is often a bigger challenge than the game itself.

With a green in your garden, you can work on your putting stroke, practice your short game and ultimately drive down your handicap. A synthetic putting green is widely recognised by leading Teaching PGA professionals as the place where good amateur golfers can make the easiest gains to reduce their score on the course.

We can create a bespoke design suited to your needs, meaning the green can be a simple flat practice area or a challenging replication of some of the great greens in the world of golf.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re low on space, even a small putting practice pitch that’s easily accessible can help to perfect and maintain your technique. We can create synthetic-turfed putting greens and tee lines in the most modest of gardens – or lofts!

2016-06-05 22.03.03.jpg

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What about MultiGame?

MultiGame is one of our most popular products, and we’ve created fantastic pitches for primary schools all over the UK, improving the school sport experience and overall health in children.


MultiGame is not just for schools, it can even be enjoyed at home!

Because the synthetic turf we use is so versatile, you can play almost any sport on a MultiGame pitch. It’s perfect for a quick game of capture the flag, as somewhere to practice hockey runs, play batting games like croquet and cricket, or even a place to practice your basket aim.

Our multi-use games areas make year-round outdoor play a possibility, and by providing a stimulating area for play, can have a huge positive impact on a child’s life.

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