Our panel system: What do our panels do and who is each one best for?

When working on projects for clients, we choose to avoid excavation methods traditionally used before laying synthetic turf. Instead, we start each project with a unique panel system.

The traditional method of installing a synthetic football pitch, rugby training area or MUGA requires a lengthy excavation process to remove the existing base, a large amount of materials such as stone and sand to fill and complete a flat base, and many more people working on the project.

By comparison, the panel system is a quicker, more environmentally-friendly way of laying a base, and it greatly reduces the time a project would normally take. While traditional methods would need 250mm - 300mm, our panels only require 50mm typically. For a standard size Multi use games area of 20m x 30m this method requires 20 lorries less worth of materials, having a significant reduction on carbon footprint.

The panels we use are made from 100% recycled plastic and can be recycled again when you’re done with them. They also have a 20-year warranty, meaning you can trust that what you’re getting has proven longevity and durability.

Depending on the project, we use one of three types of panel: The Champion Panel, The Max Panel and The Court Panel. Continue reading to find out which one would work best for your project.


Champion Panel

With many of the same qualities as the panels used for athletic courts, the Champion Panel is just ¾ of an inch (19mm) thick. It’s strong, hard-wearing and delivers the consistent performance and safety levels suitable for many applications, from professional athletes to school children.

Its structural superiority reduces the need for traditional excavation methods, and means the base can support incredibly heavy weights, while providing good GMAX and HIC impact numbers. The panel also allows for rapid water drainage from its vertical and horizontal drainage systems, meaning playability isn’t compromised in rainy conditions.

Who’s it best for?

Schools or communities in need of a multi-use games area (MUGA) or Mile Track

This panel is our most used as its properties make it suitable for most projects.

The technical details

Panel dimensions: 30” x 30” x 0.75” / 762mm x 762mm x 19.05mm

Square footage area once installed: 5.44ft2 / 0.505m2

Panel weight: 2.81kg per panel

Why choose The Champion Panel?

The Champion Panel is a long-lasting, environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional synthetic turf base techniques.

We use it to create multi-use games areas in schools, giving children an outdoor place to play all year round – whether that’s at lunchtime, during PE lessons or at extra-curricular clubs. Having a MultiGame pitch can transform sporting opportunities and allows schools to extend their traditional offering.

Encouraging children to participate in active play is fundamental to development, teaches them how to establish good relationships, and increases concentration in the classroom.

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The Max Panel

The Max Panel’s rigid structural shell, combined with its state-of-the-art shock absorbing membrane, brings together performance and safety in a way that’s perfect for athletes. The vertical and horizontal drainage systems allow for year-round playability.

With the traditional method of creating a synthetic pitch or training area, a separate shock panel would be needed on top of the stone base and underneath the synthetic turf. Using The Max Panel eliminates the need for this as it absorbs the shock itself.

Who’s it best for?

Schools, individuals or football clubs wanting to create a synthetic football pitch.

It’s ability to withstand high impact also makes this panel the ideal solution for rugby training zones.

The technical details

Panel dimensions: 39.38” x 29” x 1.125” / 1000.25mm x 736.6mm x 28.58mm

Square footage area once installed: 7.93ft2 / 0.74m2

Panel weight: 3.53kg per panel

Why choose The Max Panel?

Because of its ability to dissipate impact energy, The Max Panel provides a safe and stable underfoot. The panel’s energy restitution abilities mean that kinetic energy generated during use is returned to the athlete, resulting in peak performance.

The panel allows athletes to perform at maximum ability, and get the most out of every game.

Typically, areas used for football and rugby training require a lot of maintenance due to the impact on the ground. Installing a synthetic alternative with this unique panel technology dramatically reduces the maintenance needed and provides a year-round area for all to enjoy their sport.


The Court Panel

The Court Panel is a fantastic advancement in court production and playability – allowing athletes to enjoy their favourite games in all weather conditions, without worrying about slipping. This panel type doesn’t require turf to be overlaid and is very easy to relocate if necessary.

Who’s it best for?

Those needing an area for tennis or basketball practice and play, year-round.

The technical details

Panel dimensions: 30” x 30” x 1.25” / 762mm x 762mm x 31.75mm

Square footage area once installed: 5.44ft2 / 0.505m2

Weight of panel: 4.63kg per panel

Why choose The Court Panel?

The Court Panel allows us to quickly create a solid, stable base for sport and athletic areas, whether indoors or outdoors.

Its non-slip surface technology makes it much safer than traditional base methods, and it provides an incredibly solid feel underfoot.

Because the panels fit seamlessly together, there’s no risk of trip zones, and balls can roll and bounce easily.

The panels are durable and hard-wearing, with an incredibly efficient draining system, meaning years of play in all weather.

Each panel can work for reasons outside of the ones we’ve listed, so if you think you’d like a certain type of project and can’t find a recommended panel in this blog post, get in touch and we can talk about other options.

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