Football Wants To Come Home

Are the kids driving you crazy? Can they play outside again yet? If they do go outside, what are you sending them out to? The lawn is still a muddy mess from all the football they played last year. 

Is synthetic turf the solution?

You looked into synthetic turf for the kids to play on last year, you think it looks great, but when you take into consideration the cost of constructing the base and turf, its just not feasible for covering a larger area. 

The kids are football mad and you'd love to give them a synthetic pitch to play on, but something like that is just for schools, isn't it?


We use a unique panel system to replace the traditional base that a synthetic lawn or football pitch needs. It’s quicker and easier to install than traditional bases, so larger areas can be tackled more cost effectively. 

The panels use built-in shock absorbency, so there's no need for an additional shockpad, and any type of synthetic turf can be installed on top.

Now the kids can have the full 3G experience, with rubber crumb infill, a low maintenance non fill sports turf, or a regular synthetic garden grass.

Traditionally, 100mm - 150mm of grass and natural soil is removed before adding a weed membrane and tons of stone material. When considering a larger area, this can be very expensive and time consuming, especially if access is prohibitive and everything needs to be done by wheelbarrow.


By comparison, providing the ground is firm, the panel method only needs a minimal amount of natural grass sod and soil to be removed, and a small amount of stone dust material or sharp sand to fill hollows. The whole process is cleaner, easier and quicker.

Once the natural soil has been prepared, the area is covered with a heavy duty Geotextile, this prevents weed growth and provides additional stability. The area is then covered with the panels, which are clicked together to complete the base.

The panels have a far greater drainage capacity than a natural stone base, allowing water to easily pass through into the natural soil. They have a water storage capacity of 17.9 litres per m2, so the kids will be able to play out in or immediately after the heaviest of downpours, without any concerns.

We recently completed a private 12m x 25m football pitch at a home in Newcastle. Pictures can be seen below, and more information about the project can be found on our Projects page.

If you really want to make your pitch special then why not include your favorite team's logo. Logos can either be made by stitching different coloured fibres together, or by combining and gluing different types of coloured turf. Each technique has pros and cons, and it's often its location in the pitch that determines which technique is most appropriate to use.


Still don't think you can justify creating a whole football pitch for the kids? Try tackling the most problematic area: the goal mouth. We have ready made goal kits that can be quickly dispatched for self installation. The kit comes with everything you need, all pre-cut and ready to be assembled. The steps are easy to complete and can be done in under an hour.

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