A new way to experience golf

In recent years artificial grass has become increasingly popular for use in golf courses, driving ranges and even in gardens. With courses, clubs and leisure resorts taking advantage of Synthetic turf. Artificial grass golf greens have received excellent quality feedback from PGA professionals and amateurs alike, making them an excellent option.

The realistic quality, as well as the durability of synthetic turf, allows golf courses to be used all year round with minimal wear and tear. With the recent technical advances our golf specific synthetic turf has a bite, check and roll that is almost indistinguishable from real grass.

PlayPitch Golf can provide synthetic turf solutions for anything from putting greens and tee lines to driving range targets, bunkers and mini-golf courses. The high-quality of synthetic turf we install offers incredibly realistic playability and allows year-round play as well as requiring minimal maintenance.

A synthetic turf green will not be affected by the different weather conditions that great British weather can bring. Come rain or shine, the course will remain in tip-top playable condition. With the panels allowing water to drain freely, no standing water will be left on the course.

The main cost involved in maintaining grass golf courses is the labour. With around 60-120 hours spent in mowing courses alone. There are significant savings to be made on the cost of labour when synthetic turf is used. Not to mention the number of Chemicals needed to feed and maintain a healthy natural grass sward.

The green is a crucial area of the golf course and can be one of the most controversial aspects of the game. Accurate and diligent preparation of the base is crucial if the surface is to roll smooth and true to the contours. If the green is millimetres off it can have a huge impact on the playing experience of the game. When you utilise PlayPitch Golf, you will have a professional, top quality green that has excellent playability all year round, without the maintenance costs usually required.

Many golf courses are now opting to replace their tee lines with synthetic turf in order to allow trouble-free year-round play. Unlike a driving range, mat players play from multiple places on a Tee Line, this spreads the wear and will last for years with just the occasional brush of the surface to keep it clean.

The versatility of synthetic grass putting greens allow them to be installed anywhere you want. They are not restricted to clubs, but simply can be designed for you to fit the space that you have and for your specific purpose.

Whether you are a professional golfer or simply a golf enthusiast, we have the perfect solution for you. If you’re wanting to begin a project but are worried about the environmental impact, costs, or time needed to complete – get in touch to find out more about how our panel system helps reduce all three.